AMODAL SUSPENSION Relational Architecture 8



People could participate through the Internet or cell phone by logging on to the address In addition, local access terminals were set-up at the YCAM building. Finally, “Access Pods” were installed in several centers around the world to provide an enhanced experience.

Access Pods

The following art and technology centers around the World set-up “Amodal Suspension Access Pods”, containing documentation and a special large-screen projection with statistics, 3D simulations and message display.

MACBA, Museu d'Art Contemporani in Barcelona, main entrance, Nov 7-24.

MARS Lab Fraunhofer Institut für Medienkommunikation in Bonn, MARS Lounge, Nov 1-24, with a special presentation on the 14.

C3 Center for Culture and Communication in Budapest, Aura Exhibition, Millennium Park, D Exhibition Hall, Nov 1-24.

Fundación Telefónica in Buenos Aires, main exhibition space, Nov 20-24.

MIT MediaLab in Cambridge, Computing culture group, Nov 12-24.

Bauhaus in Dessau, Der Klub, Nov 1-24.

IAMAS Institute of Advanced Media Arts and Sciences in Ogaki, Nov 1-24.

ZKM Zentrum für Kunst und Medientechnologie in Karlsruhe, Medienmuseum, Nov 1-24.

Kyoto Art Center in Kyoto, entrance, Nov 1-18.

FACT Film, Art and Creative Technology in Liverpool, Media Lounge, Nov 1-24.

Science Museum in London, Dana Centre, Nov 18-19.

Ojo Atómico in Madrid, Nov 1-24.

Laboratorio Arte Alameda in Mexico City, Coro, Nov 11-24.

SAT Société des Arts Technologiques in Montréal, café space, Nov 1-24.

Sarai in New Delhi, Nov 1-24.

Eyebeam in New York City, lobby, Nov 12-24.

Wood Street Galleries in Pittsburgh, 2F gallery, Nov 1-24.

V2_Organisatie in Rotterdam, shop, Nov 1-24.

Itaú Cultural Center in São Paulo, sala multiuso, Nov 1-24.

Sendai Mediatheque in Sendai, 7F studio, Nov 9-13.

Art Center Nabi in Seoul, entrance, Nov 1-24.

NTT-ICC Inter Communication Center in Tokyo, lobby, Nov 1-24.

MeSci National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation in Tokyo, 3F science library, Nov 2-24.

Ontario Science Centre in Toronto, communications hall, level D, Nov 1-24.

Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design in Vancouver, Media gallery, Nov 1-7.

WRO Center in Wroclaw, Nov 5-24.

Multimedia Institute in Zagreb, Nov 1-24.



See the 3D visualization that was projected at access pods (displayed the messages as they were caught and also showed the live light patterns).